MGAA is a professional association of experienced, fully licensed, shipping, cruise line and tour operating agents. These acknowledged leading Mediterranean agencies, have joined together under the umbrella of MGAA, to provide the ultimate service and advice, to superyachts, their owners, Captains and guests, throughout their time spent in the Mediterranean.

Superyacht Captains, wishing to avail themselves of this unique Mediterranean service, should make an initial contact by means of the agency email as shown on this website. All MGAA enquiries to

Berth Reservation ● Berth Security ● Security Guards ● Yacht Clearance ● Yacht Formalities ● Customs and Immigration ● Visas ● Crew Entry ● Crew Departure

Medical emergency/assistance and evacuation requirements ● VIP Concierge Services ● Exclusive Tours ● Private Guides ● Meeting and Greeting ● Airline booking and tickets

Aircraft Charter ● Helicopter and Private Jets ● Leisure Activities Reservations ● Speed Boats, Jet Skis, Wind Surfing etc. ● Hotel and Local accommodation arrangements

Travel Reservations ● Beauty, Health Care, Private Clinic etc. ● Visiting Yoga & Meditation Workshops ● Limosine/Car Hire ● Mini Bus hire ● Bunkering

Superyacht Technical Services, Support & Spare Parts ● Divers ● Cruise Planning & Itineraries advice based on local knowledge ● Detailed weather information

Admiralty charts; Local charts & nautical publications ● Banking Services ● Courier service Worldwide ● Air Freight Service for import/export of ship parts

Mail forwarding and collection ● Fresh provisions & Delicatessen Supplies ● Wines and Spirits ● Flower arrangements ● Laundry, ● Dry cleaning and Alteration Service

Carpet and Upholstery cleaning ● Mobile phone and Internet problems ● Onboard music, local dance groups, entertainment ● Onboard catering

General office services; secretarial; stationary; Business Cards etc. ● Day workers; window cleaning; general cleaning personnel